There is a moment...

That changed everything

For that moment

Is mine. Is his. Is ours. 


In my moment...

It seems if every bone o’ mine broke 

My veins tangled themselves new

The air I inhaled

Felt like my first gasp of fresh air

As if I was seeing this world anew


In that moment...

You stood in front of me bare skinned

Weaving loose leaf tobacco together

The tips of your fingers stumbled

Shaking nerves as if you wished

I wasn't watching you

We exhaled together

As your shoulders suddenly

Rested down your back


In your moment... 

you seemed to sit in your body assured

As you lit the cigarette on a candle flame

Your nervous twitch seen no more

Giggling to yourself as your head shook

Dipping your fingertips into the wax 

Goose bumps raised down your spine

Inhaling and exhaling the smoke

While grabbing your notepad 

Scribbling words at the speed of light


For our moment...

You threw your inked words to the side

To turn towards me as your eyes watered

And when they met mine

my pupils gasped to expand 

Taking you in as if for the first time

And when that sight met my heart

I felt your heart beat in my chest

Fading the vinyl that continued to turn 


For our moment...

In the same breath, we exhaled.

To let our lips slip "I love you" 

Feeling what it meant to love and be loved


Reaching out to one another

We jumped to crash in one another's arms

I felt your heart explode in your kisses

As your tongue vibrate from a murmur 

Of the earth quake that occurred inside you


For in that moment. 

I wrapped my bones around you

Intertwined my fingernails with your locks 

As we slowed it down for a moment

So you could see me, as I saw you

Slowed it down for a moment

To slow dance to our heart beats 

As I prayed to the gods and goddesses  

To be able to breathe this love in



And in this moment...

If your heart still beat

If your eyes could water 

If your chest would rise and fall

My bones would wrap around you

Our skin pressed, eyes magnetized 

Love and grace

Would run from your head to your feet

 I would be yours 



Chasing light,