Never before have I sat with myself, to fully face it's fury.

when a point in my life came that I realized

how much I have neglected my own soul,

I decided to face the beauty as well as the beast.

This project started in a search for something greater,

to find a little piece of myself.

Turning the camera around

Seeing what I have hidden away for so long under my skin.


Photography (34)

Photography (34)



My Precious

What do you hold in those two hands,  

that you hold close to your own heart? 

Share the stories to remember:

People, places, & all things sacred. 

These small items stand for much bigger things. 











SG Blackheart Burlesque

A bunch of beautiful women

Stepping into their beauty, their sass and their Authenticity. 

Introducing: SuicideGirls Blackheart Burlesque

Shot for Inked Magazine, yet hit somewhere oh so close to home. 

These ladies, are one of a kind gems.