Stephanie Guttenplan - Pookie - artist, coach, facilitator

The coach + facilitator

For as long as I can remember, I have been a seeker: of truth, authenticity, purpose and divinity. A curious one, who continues to spend my time attempting to figure out why I was given this life, what my purpose is and why I have a constant desire to create revolutions in this World. An old soul and an empath, I’ve always been able to feel the darkest of the dark and the lightest of lights… Never knowing what to do with it or why I’ve been given the gift, even though sometimes it can feel like a curse.

As I continued to grow as an artist, I continued to grow as a woman: A healer, an unapologetically authentic human and the guide/healer. My own work was not easy, falling into addictions, learning disabilities, body dysmorphia, heart ache and mourning those who didn’t live long enough. I learned quickly that my life was on a rocky path for a reason. That this life and it’s obstacles was handed to me so that I could transform again and again: for you.

Coaching is too vague a word for me, so instead I will list what I pull from to support you: Leadership, the 12 steps, athletic training and team building, emotional intelligence, daily practice, relationship, the body and movement, enrollment, the artist way, shadow work, goal setting, manifestation, transformation of self, kundalini yoga, mindfulness, the Kabbalah, value work, empathy, and spirit.

Stephanie Guttenplan - Pookie - artist, coach, facilitator

POOKIE: The Artist in me

A closet writer and artist, whose words are partnered with visuals, I set the stage between the mind, body and spirit. I am a mixed media artist who wears the hats of photographer, producer, connector, creator, spiritual being, mentor, seeker, illustrator, editor, sketch book filler, distorter and poet. Molding all of these together, I create a stage for a story that is rarely told: The battle of the head and the heart. I find the dark leads to light, that the struggle of moving out of our own way is real, and that I never want to stop searching to elevate myself and others.

I utilize portraiture and symbolism to caress the thoughts of beauty, love and lust that is present in the constant battle of discovering oneself. Having an obsession with the theme of duality, I present the idea that we have choice in every moment: to choose from our head or our hearts. I am here, to visualize both the beauty and the beast within us - for they make up the gods and goddesses we all are. Simply using what I can, to reveal beauty, divinity and the perfect imperfections of the in-between moments… I choose to illustrate grace. I create, to show you how beautiful we truly all are.