Softening to the West Coast

This little writing above was part of a much bigger piece: One to be shared later down the line. 

One expressing my softening in a transition: from east to west. from working artist to artist. from... something that felt forced to something that feels real. from what was, to what is. 

From something to something... that feels so big that I can't put words to how transformational this move is for myself. To stepping into trusting that fire in my belly to say yes - and actually saying it. 

Here's to the boldest move I've taken yet. To not having my artistry be the thing that has the roof over my head, rather my artistry being what supports me in self expressing. And to be the type of human that inspires and coaches people to do whatever they feel is their purpose in life. 

Here's to making a difference in this World.

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Jake La Botz for Inked

"Jake La Botz is a creator of dark poetry and haunting song, the kind of music that gets in your bones and rides you for days, a sound and vision only those who've been to the bottom and clawed their way back up can generate. His midnight gifts evoke Hank Williams and Skip James as much as Tom Waits and Dylan. Not everybody will get this music - because not everybody is ready for the truth."  

 - Jerry Stahl (author of Permanent Midnight)


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Stay Gold, Pony Boy

I can't believe I haven't written about this, actually. 

If you know me, you know how much I adore Butch Walker. Seems I've listened to him since I knew what Rock and Roll was, and had my own set of speakers to listen to him through. 

Every time there was an opportunity to feature a musician, since I've been working at Inked Magazine, I would (try not to shout) "BUTCH WALKER". When our Pin Up themed issue came up this year... My editor in chief took me up on this... and... well... I got to interview the dude. 

Funny thing was, I just went to his show in NYC a couple of weeks prior. So, his talent and ability to perform was fresh in the heart. 

To read what I wrote... yup, I got to write the damn article... Keep on keepin' on. 

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All nighters with Tina Vaden to create one of kind prints, frames and a beautiful celebration of creativity and divinity. Creating from nothing, this experience allowed me to take apart my work, put it back together, as well as take leaps of faith into a mixed media World. It isn't so scary... 

So much more experimenting to do. 

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For You Give Me Growth

Things have been a bit crazy. Abundant, actually. Looking back from the last blog post on here: I do not recognize myself. For I have taken on my life, invited others to join me, as well as have continued my journey of self discovery in this vast World of ours. Gratitude fills my eyes as I let the awareness of growth settle in my bones: for the leaps I have taken, the walls I have torn down, and for the people who have and continue to grace my life... I am grateful. 

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Shes LB

Authentic, Present, Brave

Lindsay, also known as ShesLB, has these three words inked on her fingers, a constant reminder of her values and her ways of being. She has shown up to me as these three things, along with a source of power, vulnerability, honest, and loyal. I find that once you start to declare these ways, they can all intertwine and co-exsist within eachother. Her intertwine is delicate and full of grace. A dear friend of a dear friend, has become my dear friend.

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The Artist Formally Known as Amy R.

This is the Artist Formally Known as Amy R. We met through a beautiful process, and I can't imagine having gone through this without her. From the first steps into this new way of life I have been practicing, until the end of our beings, I see this woman being by my side. It's a beautiful thing, this thing, and I couldn't imagine having done this work without her.

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Breakin in the city.

Crackin’ shells of smoke to bricks

I’m right here - crunched on the corner of a bed that belongs to the man that I love in Astoria, New York.  I have taken over a closet, and bits and pieces of his cabinets in his kitchen – slightly homeless since my return to New York.  I say slightly, because it feels right, I may not have my own walls to hold all of my things, but my heart feels safe here.

With safety, my artist within becomes dormant, not wanting to risk.  Is art only a way of survival? Could I possibly be disconnecting from something that I hold so sacred?  Terrified of creating a risk in something that seems so safe?

Glancing out his window that I have cracked that leads to a roof that I could sit on, and listen to the birds chirp.  Shuttering at the thought.

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My Precious

I took a leap of faith - put my work out there to be seen, to be critiqued, and to be given an opportunity to be shown.  The response has opened another opportunity to throw my work back onto the wall - a series I never thought I would have the opportunity to show in such a matter.

Proving wrong all of my conclusions, proving right to stick my ass on the line.

March 15th, Lura Restaurant & Lounge 

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The Show That Reunited.

Seeing my old classmates is among the lines of a family reunion

When you go through such an experience together, it molds us together

That year, we all went through something, and we all rose to the top.

A narrowed down version of my class, came together to create an opportunity

From start to finish, we made this happen, and it was beautiful.

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From Discovery to Transformation

A dear friend of mine that comes up often in my book of gems is Clay Patrick Mcbride. He has been there to push and pull me through the fog - no matter how thick it may seem. This time, Clay helped me walk through the fear of attending a workshop that works to bringing out the you that we all bury so deeply within us. The next workshop, Transformation is in less than a week, and I can not wait to be back there.

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