YPA : Young Photographers Alliance

This year a great mentor of mine, Katrin Eismann, made me aware of YPA and urged me to apply to see if I could get into their mentoring program.  This program gives you the opportunity to create a new little fellowship in the photo world, meet some more professionals, create new images for a group themed show, meet once a week to grab a coffee and have some art talk, and an opportunity to put some images on a wall.

After I found out this years theme was "Escape", I couldn't help but get a little giddy. Later when I got my acceptance e-mail, I was even more giddy.  

We met last week to discuss ideas, meet some alumni of the program, and to sit and chat. I had to miss the first meeting due to my class schedule, but I came prepared with my "Mind Chatter" series. I had no idea how I was going to move forward after being so stuck in this series, but I had the advice to brainstorm by making a brain map of the word escape and see where I landed.  My map took the idea of escape to a chameleon, and projections of patterns and colors appeared in the back of my head.  

When I want to escape, running or freezing to hide are my two options. Trying to blend in, keep quiet, and hope the reason for escaping passes.

It felt good to pick up my camera again, for I have been neglecting it for too long.  This time it felt different, a little weird, but refreshing. Introducing one of the shots from my first day of shooting.



When all else fails, just put on a leotard.