My Precious

My Precious

I took a leap of faith - put my work out there to be seen, to be critiqued, and to be given an opportunity to be shown.  The response has opened another opportunity to throw my work back onto the wall - a series I never thought I would have the opportunity to show in such a matter.

Proving wrong all of my conclusions, proving right to stick my ass on the line.

March 15th, Lura Restaurant & Lounge 


Showing My Precious, one of my personal editorial series

Memories latch onto miscellaneous objects, filling them with precious moments with meaning:  scattering them with people, places and things. We attach emotions to objects that others may seem as invaluable, hiding the stories behind why such objects are so dear to our hearts. These small objects hold a weight of importance, measuring heavier than what we could grasp, yet hidden by their physical bounds. “My Precious” is a series of portraiture, focused on the grasp of these memories, moments and meanings, and the celebration of these things sacred being exposed for their true meaning. What do you hold in those two hands that you hold dear to your heart? Share the stories to remember these people, places and all things sacred. These petite objects are to be preserved with their greatness – let them shine, be shared, and celebrated.

I printed these series to be shown in a very delicate and error heavy manner, letting cracks break through, organic mistakes - I hand treated digital mount on charcoal paper, and fed them through my printer oh so carefully - then touched up bits and pieces with black paint on top.  Each piece is a one of a kind - 16x16 - signed verso - they are posted for sale there - $400 per a piece. 

See the photographs - See the motion

I hope to see you on Saturday, March 15th, from 7-9pm.  It will be a beautiful night, with photography, and the video piece being projected on the stone wall. Come one, come all.

Lastly, but certainly not least - I would like to thank my love, Rob, for helping me hang and being with me as I walked through the fire.  He sure is a gem. I'm forever grateful for him.