Shes LB


Authentic, Present, Brave

Lindsay, also known as ShesLB, has these three words inked on her fingers, a constant reminder of her values and her ways of being. She has shown up to me as these three things, along with a source of power, vulnerability, honesty, and loyalty. I find that once you start to declare these ways, they can all intertwine and co-exist within each other. Her intertwine is delicate and full of grace. A dear friend of a dear friend, has become my dear friend.

She invited me into her world, exposing me to her process of creation and her inspirations behind her work. A constant inspiration, she has given me infinite amount of courage to keep adventuring through my journey as an Artist: discovering my voice, my choice of mediums, my processes, as well as my outlets possible to express myself.

Her space was light, comfortable, and welcoming. She was vulnerable, open, and honest. Together, the space around her became warm and inspiring.



I was invited in while she was getting interviewed as well as taped through her process of painting, where she uses her body as a brush, performing a sort of dance with paint along a canvas. The experience of being a fly on the wall was indescribable, never having seen anyone create their own versions of self portraits. From my own work, I dance through my own scenes and have a sort of breakdown to breakthrough while photographing myself. Being able to document and be present for someone else going through the same thing was breath taking. 


Not only is she a visual artist, but a talented songwriter, singer, and performer. One of my favorite music videos up to date:

The other fly on the wall is another talented artist, Dwayne Michael Campbell. He is a gem, a really nice guy who is truly passionate, easygoing, personable... he reminded me of an old gem of mine that was from my time in Baltimore.  There was something about him that made you want to let you into his world. He is now the head photographer of Beautiful Savage, a magazine that is quite stunning. Based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the magazine lends it's heart out to art, fashion, and lifestyle. I can't wait to see what Dwayne will make for them.  


See his facebook page HERE  -  See the magazine's page HERE

All in all, I started to see the light, I started to see myself able to get into this world, and see how grateful I am for the foot I placed in it already. A constant practice of realizing that however scary stepping into this world is, when you move out of your own way - it's truly beautiful. LB has really helped me to see a lot, and I'm forever grateful for her entering my life at this time. 

Thank you Lindsay, for being so authentic, brave and present. I adore you. 

See her and take in her beauty :    WEBSITE   -   FACEBOOK