The Artist Formally Known as Amy R.

Amy R

This is the Artist Formally Known as Amy R. We met through a beautiful process, and I can't imagine having gone through this without her. From the first steps into this new way of life I have been practicing, until the end of our beings, I see this woman being by my side. It's a beautiful thing, this thing, and I couldn't imagine having done this work without her.

Meeting her in this process that has changed my life, while watching her break through her walls- gave me nothing but inspiration, passion, and love. We have grown together, fallen together, and wiped the dirt off each other to climb back up into our masterpieces- to our greatest form of ourselves. She has not only been a supportive woman, but one that has invited me into her home, shared her family, traditions, troubles and triumphs.

She sat down next to me when we separated into smaller groups the first day of the first workshop that I ramp and rave about to my friends and family. From the very beginning, she has been by my side. First meeting her, I felt her compassion. Her smile was petite, yet welcoming. Her eyes were observant, yet understanding. Together, We continue to break down our walls that we built up for so long, realizing ourselves as mirrors of one another.

Together, and with the guidance of coaches, seniors and our team, we have been able to step into beautiful ways of being: power, vulnerability, courage, honesty, compassion, and our feminine beauty,.

Letting me work with her for some extra cash, I was able to step into her workplace, where she does beautiful things for the less fortunate. Opening the possibilities for greater education, she changes lives. Check our soar here, and watch this video:

I am honored that she asked me to photograph her, for I have always seen her as this beautiful woman. She is the artist formally known as Amy R, and she is a force. She is a source. She is an inspiration. She is family.

Forever grateful for not only my growth, but everyone else's. Able to document the best way I know how, I will continue to photograph these new gems to my life. I shall take each and every opportunity to turn the camera away from myself, to put the spotlight on others.  Telling their stories, showing their beauty, capturing their authenticity, creating their worlds, and letting them become my muses.

For now, I am not disconnected. I have gems. Let them roar in the light.