For my first time, I stepped on the stage to speak out a poem, that rips my heart out every time.

Crossing off something special on my "Experience Before Death" list. 

"Chasers of the light"


“Chasers of the light”

You are rather beautiful

If no one has ever told you that

Please, believe me

There are birds beating their wings under your chest plate

Aching to sing

My lips dance with my tongue to the tune of them within you

For you are sacred, divine, Golden

It seems the tides have threaded us together

Pushing and pulling

Until our worlds finally collided

Bringing me the most beautiful moment

To watch your walls collapse

For you to shake the dust within your veins

Shed the sorrow

Break off the rust

The moment you looked at me

And I saw your light

So take my hand again and again

And take me with you

Light chasers on the search to breathe each other in

And crash into one another’s arms

My heart are like your fingertips

Sometimes, they tremble

Yet our trembling becomes still

With my heart in your hands

You are rather beautiful

The way your lips slipped words that put insecurities to sleep

The way you dive into my eyes

starved all the fears, to feed to all the dreams I've kept coiled beneath my bones.

For you should know

That all of this is for you

I create this to carve the deepest part of my soul

For you

I’d write love poems to the parts of you

That you can’t seem to stand

Whisper sweet melodies to your wounds and seal them healed with a kiss

I’d stand in the shadows of your heart and tell you I'm not afraid of your dark

And if I find you lingering there

Take my hand

For if we can not find the light

We can always make our own

With you, I will always chase the light.


(see it live - with a couple of mixed matched words - below)


Of course, I wrote something about this... It's what writers do, eh?


I felt every vein within me burning

On fire and trembling

Fear? No, it wasn't fear

Passion? Maybe a bit

Alive? Yes... Yes... 


I have never felt that alive in my life

To speak the words of a poem 

That I recite within me daily

As I walk heel to toe

Through my modern day life


My vocal cords pressed to squeeze

Caressing the syllables from my four chambers

As my heart pounded itself seen

I felt weight start to lift from my rib cage 

As if I unlocked my chest plate 

To let those hummingbirds sing 


As I looked out into the crowd

I saw strangers, a crowded room

silhouettes of open-hearted ears

That seamed to blur together as one


I yearned to connect with someone

I continued to scan the room 

As one turned to two turned to three...

Suddenly I saw over a dozen 

Faces that I call home

Who came far and near

To see my toes, step at the ledge of what I know 

To jump into something new


My lips quivered, knees twitched, fingertips trembled

Noticing my feet were placed oddly on the stage

I suddenly desired to put the mic back on the stand

As if I needed something to hold on to

To let me handle my body as it tingled and burned

My heart roared, “Jump Stephanie. They will catch you"


I felt the fingertips of you on my spine, 

Smelling your scent resting on the back of my neck

As you placed my fingers on the mic stand

You whispered sweetly, “I’ll catch you."


Suddenly, I dove forward

Letting my heart roar

The hummingbirds sing

And my body tremble 


And as I finished, you held my hand and led me to my seat. 

“Thank you. I love you.’”

As you kissed me on the cheek 

You grabbed your old journal

Scratching as you always did within it

As you continued to the curtains 

Parting slowly before you got to them

Closing abruptly as soon as you were beyond them


My cheek burned where you lip met my skin 

"Thank you. I love you too”

I whispered as I placed my hand 

On my chest plate 

To feel my own heart beat

With the murmur of yours.


Chasing light,