Softening to the West Coast

This little writing above was part of a much bigger piece: One to be shared later down the line. 

One expressing my softening in a transition: from east to west. from working artist to artist. from... something that felt forced to something that feels real. from what was, to what is. 

From something to something... that feels so big that I can't put words to how transformational this move is for myself. To stepping into trusting that fire in my belly to say yes - and actually saying it. 

Here's to the boldest move I've taken yet. To not having my artistry be the thing that has the roof over my head, rather my artistry being what supports me in self expressing. And to be the type of human that inspires and coaches people to do whatever they feel is their purpose in life. 

Here's to making a difference in this World.

I always dreamed that I was somebody like this. 

No, not everything is figured out, nor am I anywhere near perfect. 

But I took a leap of faith... and I feel myself being caught. 

I feel the roots in my toes starting to dig their way into the ground. 

Faces of what seems to be the new familiar are filling me up

As I continue to unpack to redesign myself everyday.


I am officially out of New York City. 

And when I think of what that actually means to me... 

Takes my breath away as I stop in my tracks

To find my feet on the ground, surrounded by my new home.


I've decided to photograph things that I normally wouldn't take time to photograph. 

Let myself be inspired by things I normally wouldn't let myself indulge in learning

Allowing my fingertips to write and unpack myself

Being open to redesign myself as an artist, and the mediums I relate to

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With no client to report to, what will come to the surface?

To be completely honest, I'm not sure what I'll do with the freedom.

In this moment, it feels like a bunch of breaths. 

Of wiping this slate clean, to see what emerges there.


Will I finish the Deck of Queens? Hell yes. 

Will I continue to photograph women and show them as the goddesses they are?

Yes. I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Will photography be my main medium?

I'm not entirely sure. 


All I know, is that I'm an creative. through and through. 

That I have the desire to weave all of me together

A tapestry of authenticity and curiosity. 

To experiment and be in awe of Art again. 


As if I'm that little girl again who is being taken to her first museum

To let the beauty of expression take my breath away

As if I'm the little girl in my grandmother's basement

Finding my way through clay to build smaller Worlds to bring to life. 

Going back, to when I believed in the magic of the Art World.

Who knows what I'll find here, but I do know I'll share whatever I do

I'll be over here, softening my edges to see what comes to life


Chasing light,