Angel Of Death

Stephanie Guttenplan - Pookie - the angel of death

I get jealous of the angel of death
As she scopes in secretly 
Wooing people 'till their 
Heart beats flatline for her
Alluring and mysterious 
She dances around us
Seeing who she will take next 
As if we are all ticking bombs
Ready to sacrifice ourselves 
Putting black X's over our eyes

I might scare some, 
To say I see and sense her
Sometimes I see her slip into my peripheral 
As she smirks and dances in thin air
It might bring chills to others
To tell you I've felt her hand on my shoulder 
For have been near death many times
And she dragged me back to life

You should know that now I fight her
Whenever I feel her close
I claw at nothing attempting to stop her
Desiring to fight for the ones still standing. 
As if I can stop fate, magic, death
Maybe I should seek to understand 
Instead of the tiniest wish bubbling up
For her to grant me one last trip back to life
So I could go visit the dead
Kissing them back to life
If even for a moment. 
I just can't seem to understand 
Why I've been granted the miracle 
Nine lives and counting 
Yet others are cut short
Pulled out from underneath themselves 
Without a notice. a chance. a fight.