Bridge Builders

Stephanie Guttenplan - Pookie - Women artist coach and poet

Loving you 

Simply is an invitation

Stepping beyond 

What I think I know

For, I don’t think I could 

Of dreamed you up

Even dared myself

To wish for a partner

Filled with magic and mystery

You are a catalyst for alchemy

Of my mind, heart and life

It seems almost dangerous

For you are giving a voice 

To parts of me that have been kept




I have been a woman that feared

My own power and the rumble within me

For I had always believed

That everything I am 

Is pre-cursored with “too” or “aren’t”

Passionate. Big. much.

Vulnerable. Understood. Enough.

But now that I know

I have been gifted you

It feels like a must

To shake to break off 

All the too’s and the aren’ts

For when I do

I can’t help but feel 

Your hands on my spine

As you kiss my moons

While you bring me back to earth

Guiding the roots I have

To the ground

As you honor the earth 

That holds us

You are my tipping point 

To the life I dreamed of

Yet never had the words for

A life that is Godly and human 

To create a love more powerful 

Than the love we read about

One where our respective wounds

Are each other’s medicine

As we become bridge builders