"Trusting Grace Itself"

As I continue to step 
Into being the sole,
Uncontested author of my life
I bump up against my truth
That I believe in the Divine

And as I let the words fall away
Breathing to settling in
I Pray to be guided 
By their will, not mine

Saying "aho and amen"
As I run back to manifest
Grinding to carve every which way
Risking to doing whatever it takes
For my results to be what I declared

Teedering a line carefully
For, my own life depends on it
I am a powerful woman
With a purposeful life
Who isn't running the show

For, I am not to play God
And when I forget this fact,
I find myself forcing puzzle pieces together 
So that I "win" everytime

And as the sweat of selfish
Rolls down my neck
I remind myself of my human
That I am here to learn
Continuing to fold and carve myself
Into an instrument for change

So as I grind and carve on
I shall breathe and be in this body
Letting my prayers hit the ears of who hears them
as I continue to believe
In you... In me... In humanity.