pieces of pieces combined


C'est moi 
Silouette of my own
to clean out and rebuild
As I unleash the virgo in me
To define the details
Of a foundation to last
As the new year approaches
To forgive, cleanse
Rinse the heart of guilt and burden
As i step into the most unknown yet

Stephanie Guttenplan - Pookie - offering

This is my offering for love
As I hold my own hand
As my fingertips whisper
From one palm to another
"Everything is going to be okay"
Holding a space for my truth 
To slither out into safety to be held
Nourished with nothing but neutrality
Slipping, to sink into earth itself
Holding it all, as it always does

Stephanie Guttenplan - pookie - women artist coach - self portrait

Feeling closer to my roots
As I get lost in nature everyday
To plant what is sacred about me
Into the land I now call home
When doubt rises up in me
Let me gather to munch on it 
As if an afternoon snack 
To enjoy and giggle at the silliness
Of how perfectly imperfect 
This life is and will be