Woman Forever Dead

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Tom Waits sings to me
About a woman forever dead
Dead and lovely 
As I cut up pieces of myself 
Small enough for ink to sit 
Upon me, as it drys shallow 
And as the time ticks by
I feel like I could fall fast
Into someone I’ve made up
Where I’m from somewhere 
With no problem at all

To hide the animal in me
Who wants to rip everything 
That seems perfect to shreds
For my roots might be sour 
But they are filled with wisdom 
And as I shake my paint brush wild
I wonder what the point of this is
If I should even care 
About how many people stop
Scrolling aimlessly
Simply to breathe in my truth
As I dig a bit deeper
Rip a little more quickly

And as I do
I notice time tick by
With Wait’s voice 
Singing to tell me sweetly
That one day when I’m dead
I’ll be remembered 
As lovely