Word of The Year

 Texture for artwork and photography from Flypaper Textures

For the past couple of years, I've been picking a word of the year. 

This word... I hated my word that kept coming to the surface... Probably because it's perfect. 

2018 : Heal


I am a becomer
Healer of what hurts, believer in humanity
Here to place your troubles on my spine
Conquer and sit in your worst feelings of all
Holding your hand as you rise, 
Making you feel tall. 
This year, is a year to hold my own hand
As I continue to dig and work into what’s mine
Discovering what I have picked up that is yours
For… I forget that I am human after all
Falling from time to time to collect:
Bumps, bruises, aches, pains and mistakes
No longer will I forget myself out here
Playing in the arena of life

This is the year to heal
To treat myself as I do others
With compassion, love and divinity
Resting my own hands into one another
To hold as I rise to make myself feel tall

As I do, I shall let the standard I hold for myself,
Slide down as I step off of self judgement lane
To create space for my human
See what’s here to be nourished
What’s here to let go of, to set myself free.