Summer Remembering

Once upon a time I traveled upon the western coast
With a man who has become my family 
We slept along a river
Speaking about our fears 
As we awed over every star in the sky
While meteors skipped beneath them
We woke to jump into water that made us feel alive 
With giggles and gratitude bubbling to surface 
As fear and sadness sank beneath them.
The beginning of the end, yet it seems no where near here
For this moment, we let it all slip away in the water
For a breath of fresh air

Give me some more warm weather
To wake up in fresh air
To climb down to jump in a river
To find the local cafe to break bread

Give me an adventure
Where my phone can’t work for 24 hours
Sunsets have me gasp and awh
To then have stars painting on the sky 
Give me a human of humanity
To experience the beauty
Simply to breathe and be together
As we let ourselves be wholly human

Give me a memory to last
The times that I doubt why we are here 
And why my heart is so damn big
For, it can get heavy.

Give me... me. 
Again and again and again
To heal the entirety of myself
Again and again and again