Kickstarter: Deck of Queens

Stephanie Guttenplan - pookie - women artist coach - women tribe


The project, called "Deck of Queens", is a collection of portraits that I have taken while being the Photo Editor of Inked Magazine, as well as after the fact with myself and other muses. I have recreated these portraits to reveal what I saw as divine and sacred of these women. Surreal to reveal their super power, tell their story, and be something to relate to. 

The series will be produced to a tarot deck, for readings for guidance and intentionality. This will be paired with a booklet, to provide clarity in meaning. A select few will be printed large (20x24), mounted on wood and finished with resin. There will also be a coffee table book of the portraits as well, including a bit more background information about the project, poems that have been written while this has come to life, as well as the meanings of the cards. 

Deck of Queens - Created by Pookie - Queen of The Sea


This project started while I was working in the editorial world. I found myself having trouble with the perfection of the marketing world... to what sells. I had test shoots, sometimes more than one a day, to photograph women in gear to sell, as well as to get some more lusty style photographs. My desire to connect, bring vulnerability and to provide an experience for these women to be... well, seen. More than their beauty... their bodies... their tattoos... rather to bring vulnerability to the space. It became something that kept me going, on what felt like a broken wheel - to find something within myself, but hearing, seeing and doing the photoshoot slow dance with these women. 

I acknowledge their beauty, their courage, their hearts and their authenticity. The artist in me has become even more clear, of why I create: to reveal the gods and goddesses within us all, that we are perfectly imperfect, and we are at choice to see the World this way too. I create, to show you how beautiful we truly all are. Telling the story, of why we all are simply divine. 

Stephanie Guttenplan - pookie - women artist coach - women tribe


As a woman, an artist, as a human, as a healer, as an animal

I'm on the constant search for wholeness

To find the divinity and sacred within everything:

Myself, you, my beloved as well as whoever holds my resentments

For I can see self-consciousness fill up our bones all too often

As our journey of healing seems to become longer everyday 

With an everlasting battle to trust ourselves 

Knowing, we have everything we need within us

As we find how to walk this path with an open heart

My why, is… for you.

The house wives, ex’s, widows and forever single ladies

Those of you who have said “fuck this” to those who say “fuck yes”

For the ladies who don’t feel comfortable in their skin

The ones who’ve had trauma fill their bones 

Sleeping beauties that can’t see how marvelous they truly are

Women who are moving to quickly for other people, to be the super hero they are

Most of all, for the ones who doesn’t think this is for you.

Trust me, beauty:

This one is for you. 

As I carve a piece of myself out for you,

I do it so you can pause

Even for a moment

To witness and acknowledge

The queen within you.

For whatever you do

Wherever you go

Whoever you are

You. Will. Never. Happen. Again.

As I bow to you

I bow to the majestic 

To your gifts and your flaws

To the wholeness of human you are.