It is an usual landscape, as if the forests collided with the desert and God sprinkled coral reef throughout it. The animals have scales, yet have four legs and howl hello at me as if I’m the moon. Different people appear in the dream and the name Emma keeps being whispered in my ears by the trees. It’s wildly mystical and I can’t help but notice all the details, wishing that earth could create such a place.

I walk barefooted with hair that drags on the ground. I am older in wisdom, younger in age. I can see things that others can’t. They appear to other’s eyes when I pick them up, as if I activate them to be seen by this World. These objects, seem to have broken off of people, or ripped away. Pieces of destruction, with drops of blood or tears from pain. As soon as I touch them, the face of who they belong to reveal themselves. People from past lives, past times and current day start to walk into my dream, in search for something… Most of them not knowing what they are looking for.

I take the items to their owners, some of them being myself. A chunk of hair, placed back on my own head, suddenly becomes alive again and suddenly has the bouncy curls as if it was healthy and was there all along. The piece of my heart that broke off seven years ago, suddenly feels there again. A scarf with rips and holes, as if caught on a branch in a storm, reforms as if it heals itself as I place it back around Paul’s neck. As he turns around with tears in his eyes, whispering “Thank you.”

The people who I know in my dream, are working together to create a distraction from a stranger who appears, as if they are trying to sell them something. A front that we tend to put up: “I have it all together.” All as I pick up the pieces of emotional trauma to return to their owners so that they can heal. Jill is my greatest ally, keeping the curious stranger occupied by pointing out the magic of the land.

There was one person who I couldn’t find, but knew I needed to, for I had his rib cage. I could hear his screams in pain, but couldn’t seem to follow his voice. I continue to wake up as soon as I know the way. Frustrating, to say the least.

Today, I felt the weight of my eyes suddenly. A sign, that I needed to let them rest and let my visions do the talking. When my lids settled… I was standing with his rib cage in the sea. I turned around to see a Buffalo at the shore, which is the animal that would make me think of him. He huffed and turned around, a gesture to let me know he was leading the way for me.

As he guided me, it felt like my grip on his rib cage was getting tighter. By the time I could see his shadow at the top of a hill, I looked down to see the rip cage had become apart of me - as if my hands sunk into his bones. He was barely breathing when I reached him, and when he tried to speak I asked him not to. Intuitively, I knew returning his rib cage, would take my hands. Without hesitation, I returned what was his.

The buffalo turned around to head back to the sea, once again turning around to look at me, huffing. Then, he sat himself down so I could get on top of him. Stumbling the best I could, I climbed on his back. My new scavenger hunt: Find my fingertips. As he started to move, I held on with all I had and closed my eyes. He stopped near the shore to let me off. And as my eyes cleared up to the rising sun, I saw my grandmother standing at the edge of the sea, waiting for me.

(eyes open)