The New : The Who + The Why I Am An Artist

Stephanie Rachel Guttenplan

Seems it came time to re-write the who, what and why I call myself an Artist. For darkness is not the only thing within me...


Stephanie Rachel Guttenplan was born a Virgo in Atlanta, Georgia in 1987. Growing up in a Smörgåsbord of heritages and an undiscoverable family tree, she has always hoped that her ancestors pranced among the pyramids. As she grew older, her tight knit family of scattered artists, athletes, music lovers and travelers filled her life with passports, pools, cultures, pigments and hints of classic photography. Dyslexic and quiet, Stephanie found herself getting lost in her unfinished basement filled with materials to create from and sketchbooks to fill. Becoming a closet poet, she found herself partnering her art with letters to lust, love and pain. She grew into her artistry, spilling ink filled letters to combine with her love for merging distorted pixels with the land of mixed media. By age 14 her mind was made up: Artist and adventurer she shall be.

A southern belle runaway, Stephanie skipped to Towson, Maryland to earn her BFA in Digital Art and Design, as well as swim for their Swim and Dive team. When she retired her swim career, she jumped over the pond to Florence, Italy to study photography and art history. After graduating, she adventured through the land of e-commerce and design, yet always found herself magnetized to her camera. The urge rose to create from a personal place and to solidify her voice of artistry, resulting in her attending the School of Visual Arts to attain her Masters in Professional Studies in Digital Photography. Since then, she has become a freelance artist who creates photographically: combining photography, design, web, and typography together for her clients to create a clear transition from reality to pixels on the World Wide Web. Most recently, she took the leap into being a Photo Editor, able to take a step back from the camera to be with every angel of what creates a photograph in today's World. Stephanie is currently living in Brooklyn, being a photographer, artist, adventurer, storyteller, poet and sketchbook filler. An apple addict with an adventure problem, you can find filling her veins with coffee partnered with some poetry in the park, or perched on her fire escape.


Stephanie Rachel Guttenplan


A closet writer and artist, who's words are partnered with visuals, I set the stage between the mind, body and spirit. I am a mixed media artist who wears the hats of photographer, editor, sketch book filler, distorter and poet. Molding all of these together, I create a stage for a story that is rarely told: The battle of the head and the heart. There has always been an altered middle ground between reality and my own interpretations that has been a beautiful battle in my own life. I find the dark leads to light, that the struggle of moving out of our own way is real, and that I never want to keep searching to elevate myself and others. From this, I find myself creating to be able to visualize the beauty and the beast to provoke viewers to connect with the deepest parts within them. Revealing beauty, divinity and the perfect imperfections of the in-between moments, I choose to illustrate grace. 

Pausing reality to distort with the aftermath of our interpretations, I utilize portraiture and symbolism to caress the thoughts of beauty, love and lust that is present in the constant battle of discovery oneself. Having an obsession with the theme of duality, I present the idea that we have choice in every moment: to choose from our head or our hearts. As of recent, I find myself having the urge to push the boundaries of mixed media, distorting pixels to then add the humanity of the pigment world with my fingertips. All in all, I create to reveal the gods and goddesses within us all, that we are perfectly imperfect, and we are at choice to see the World this way too. I create, to show you how beautiful we truly all are.

With Sparks O' Light