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All nighters with Tina Vaden to create one of kind prints, frames and a beautiful celebration of creativity and divinity. Creating from nothing, this experience allowed me to take apart my work, put it back together, as well as take leaps of faith into a mixed media World. It isn't so scary... 

So much more experimenting to do. 

The New : The Who + The Why I Am An Artist

The New : The Who + The Why I Am An Artist

Seems it came time to re-write the who, what and why I call myself an Artist. For darkness is not the only thing within me...

The Show That Reunited.

The Show That Reunited.

Seeing my old classmates is among the lines of a family reunion

When you go through such an experience together, it molds us together

That year, we all went through something, and we all rose to the top.

A narrowed down version of my class, came together to create an opportunity

From start to finish, we made this happen, and it was beautiful.

Sleep to Dream

I got my feet on the ground

& I don't go to sleep to dream 

You got your head in the clouds 

And you're not at all what you seem 

This mind, this body 

And this voice cannot be stifled by your deviantways 

So don't forget what I told you 

Don't come around, I got my own hell to raise 

- Fiona Apple