A 3 month 1:1 coaching journey created to support you to connect, nourish and manifest your authentic purpose, in every way possible, so that you can create a life by your design. 


First, I want to acknowledge you for being here. It’s courageous to want more, to move towards something unfamiliar, to trust yourself and an opportunity to re-create yourself as a human and a creator. 

When it comes down to it: I am here to work with Difference Making Warriors. To create a transformation in partnership with you, so that you can get all the work you can see possible for yourself in a year… in three months. I am here to work shoulder to shoulder with you and to call you up to the highest form of yourself.

Whatever had you wonder onto this page, whatever intrigued you… I ask you to let it lead. How often do we truly invest and commit to something that is solely for… yourself… your liveliness and your transformation into a wholly woman.

Where you might be currently: 

feeling blocked creatively, spiritually or emotionally. 

Maybe you feel disconnected from your heart, your passion and purpose and your body.

There is a feeling of there being something bigger for you, but not sure how to get there.

Any feeling of lost, or that void in your gut to create… is not being filled, no matter how many new pieces of work you make.

You have let go of your own purpose in some way, having a hard time picking it up, or creating too much for others, that you don’t see yourself in your work.

OR… you simply want to challenge yourself as a human, a creative leader

You want to say something real, big and honest in your work and in your life

There is an impact you want to make, a legacy you want to create and a tribe you want to be connected to that sustains, evolves and grows with you

It’s time to call yourself up to a bigger game, to transform in some way and to invest in yourself.


You don’t have to figure this out alone. All too often loneliness, lost and blocked is how we feel. Results are everywhere that we must heal ourselves, the expressive women, so we can turn to nurture the World with voices of empowerment, hope, truth and authenticity. As difference makers, we have something to say, something to show, something to perform, something to express. We can look almost anywhere in the World to see that the amount of isolation, destruction, denial, scarcity, fear and anger is continuously and alarmingly rising. You don’t have to live in it, or let it drive your life. If something is tapping on your shoulder, telling you that it is time to do something… I present an opportunity for you to rise to the occasion. This program was originally made for artists, yet I found the desire to expand this program. For… we are all artists, finding our mediums, our messages and our purpose for this thing called life.

To be completely honest: you aren’t at fault for why you aren’t where you want to be, feel like who you want to be, or haven’t been able to successfully elevate your game. With current day and age, our surroundings do not support or welcome change. Our mainstream society is one of perfection, resistance, restriction and conformity. The media that surrounds us whispers to us who we should be, our work places become a grind for survival and our other commitments and roles that we play as a woman… Just does not set us up to be able to transform and manifest without tools, support, a tribe and great practice. With accountability, mentorship, experience, creativity intentionality and an unwavering commitment: breaking through is possible.

Together we will learn. Together, we will stand. Together, we will create. Together, we will transform.


I have had a physical, emotional and spiritual breakdown multiple times. I have been a seeker for as long as I remember, with moments of glory and bliss, to then having the feeling of getting smacked by life. One step forward, ten steps back. Feeling of hope to feelings of despair. There were lengths of time where it was hard to get out of bed, feeling hopeless and wishing that I didn’t give a crap. Doubting myself and wondering: why do I think I can make any sort of difference? Then, I would eventually pick myself up and try again. Resilience became a familiar friend that I would grow to love and hate at the same time. Sometimes, art would come flowing from my fingertips, to then feeling a drought of inspiration within me. The big void in my gut would feel bigger and bigger, and eventually I felt the depression of what felt like a deprived and starving artist metaphorically in my heart.

I’ve been on a long journey, with the intention to master my own practice and routine, to create a healthy, balanced and whole life. The commitment to treat myself and be the wholly woman I am. I found myself combining the many arenas of coaching and mentoring that I have been practiced and developed in: Taking pieces, distinctions and practices from 12-step work, leadership trainings, facilitating, emotional intelligence workshops, spiritual work, embodiment trainings, therapy, recovery from body dysmorphia, kundalini yoga (and other yoga as well), women collective work as well as relationship distinctions. I started to find that I got to create my own practice and to fully step into the creator that I am: meant that I got to take all that worked for me, and plant them below the ground I step in, to keep me rooted and grounded in. Then, nourishing my roots, practicing and evolving my practice is an everlasting practice and opportunity to continue to grow and experience new.

From all that I have experienced, the transformation after transformation that I have experienced within myself as well as my collective that I work in partnership with… There is no way I can not provide this for other women alike. We are all here for a reason, were given the gift of being a creative, as well as have the ability to heal and nurture. The biggest legacy I can create, is by being an offering for others to find their practice, their message, their true authentic truth print (like a finger print - authentic to you), and to integrate and manifest their lives. For us all to be living a life by design, rather than default. 





A 3 month 1:1 healing coaching program created to support you to connect, nourish and manifest your authentic purpose, in every way possible, so that you can create a life by your design. 

This journey is for you to live fully authentic, truthfully and purposefully

To ignite your heart, become magnetic to what you want and to feel endlessly energetic

To embody your truth confidently, knowing what is out of alignment with your core values

While having the ability to say no, set boundaries and honor your intuition

And as you let go of all that doesn’t serve, break through barriers and create space

Intentionally filling it with your awareness, desires and passions

There is great trust in yourself, your purpose and your voice

Your spine straighten with intention and connection to the legacy you are here to create

As you move through your life with rigor and grace

With a body in full acceptance and authentic self expression

So… I ask: What would your life look if you were to take this program? Who would you become? What legacy would you leave? And what message would you spread across your World? 

This is an investment for you, yourself and the creative human in you.

Limited number of spots: I will only take 7 people at a time, to provide the best service that I can. 

$3,000 for the journey (paid in full)

(Or) 3 x $1100 (monthly payment plan)


(This is not a linear journey. This is an intuitive dance and weaving of the following distinctions.)

1. Uncover / Reveal : Weed out your heart. 

2. Resolve / Heal : Mourn the ego

3. Wonder / Purify : Planting the seeds

4. Intuition / Curiosity / Clarity : Nourishing your truth

5. Spirit / Connection / Tribe : Gather the tribe

6. Desire / Vulnerability / Power : Honor your divinity

7. Wholly Woman : Deepening your roots into womanhood

8. Impact / Purpose / message : Creating clarity in your "Why"

9. Maintenance / Practice / Inventory : Foundation for integration

10. Moving Forward / Goals / Live : Sacred commitments moving forward


You will have…

- Awareness and broken through the roots of all that hold you back 

(your own conversations, situations, stories, resistance, creative blocks)

- Re-wire pain, fall, loss, hurt, trouble into opportunity and fuel

- Experienced your true worthiness and values

- Practice in boundary work, balance, giving/receiving support

- A clear blueprint of your creative purpose and message

- Developed your tone, direction and declarations to manifest

- A tribe of women artists here to say something along side of you

- Embodied your core values and what it means to you to be wholly human

- Risked and integrated to have your own breakthroughs in your Artistry

- Unleashed your authenticity, purpose and truth

- Ignited as a creative, woman, leader

- Become able to access your source, power and endless energy

- A daily practice for maintenance, growth and connection

- Your own practice to connect to the divine and your inner spirit

- A renewed relationship with your inner child/artist (joy and wonder)

- Evidence to your own abundance, creativity and ability to inspire (and be inspired)


- Weekly 45 minute voice to voice sessions

- Lifework: assignments to ignite the inner artist in you

- In-depth after-session notes to help you track and celebrate your progress

- Fierce accountability, emotional affirmation and empathetic witnessing

- Access to me via text and email

- Personalized reference material recommendations and recourses 

- Email support and encouragement between sessions

- Debriefs weekly via email.

- Access to my current tribe and the tribe to come


(Which, we all do. Let’s be real, as women creatives - and humans for that matter - we are filled with commitments, obligations, roles to play and things to take care of. This program… is simply for you. So, how easily does it fall down our priority list?)

If the commitment feels too big for you: What dreams, goals and transformation would make it worth it for you? 

The time, money, space and ability to dive into yourself - What would make this worth it? And… are you willing to jump in and finally create the life you know you are made to have?

If the money doesn’t seem possible: I will say simply that: you are worth it. Now a days, rarely do we give ourselves the investment that we could - to support ourselves, provide and opportunity and to give ourselves our worth in energy. Money is energy. It comes, it goes. Where do you want your energy to be invested in? The lack of it, or in trusting that you are powerful enough to create it? 

(*And please note: payment plans are accepted.)

If you have doubt in any way of yourself as an artist, or have no idea where exactly this would go: I invite you to sit with the question: who would I be if I was clear in who I was? In what I am here for? In what my soul is meant fo? In why I have this desire to create? 

If you think it’s too late for you, maybe later, or that you missed the boat: The past is the past. We can not change it, blame, shame and regret only kills it and has it drive us (so we repeat history again and again) and has us hold back. The future isn’t guaranteed, and… how often do you say: “I’ll do it later?” All you have, is this moment… This breath… AND, you are powerful enough to figure it all out right now. 

(This consideration list could go on and on. So, if your consideration isn’t here, I invite you to take a chance and sign up for a free consultation call with me to further discuss it.)