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1:1 COACHING program

A 3 month 1:1 healing coaching program created to support you to connect, nourish and manifest your authentic purpose, in every way possible, so that you can create a life by your design. This journey is for you to live fully authentic, truthfully and purposefully.

Logistically, this includes 45 minutes 1:1 time via phone or video weekly, debriefing via email (weekly as well), access via text and email, and deep accountability and support from me.

This is an individualized journey, based off of YOU, customized to what you need, what you desire and who you are and want to become. The roots of this program include: Uncovering your heart, healing and purifying, being curious and wonder of yourself, reconnecting to your intuition, finding the roots of your connection and deepening them, honoring your divinity, embodying the wholly human you are, creating clarity in your purpose and your message, creating practices and taking inventory to create a foundation for integration and creating sacred commitments to move you forward.

(limited space available)


This is a completely customizable opportunity, for every intention can bring forward a new mechanical method forward. A short(er) list to what this could be: developing your brand, your company, managing people, developing yourself as a coach and facilitator, building and creating your own context and workshops, etc. This is me putting on my developing hat: of people who want to enhance, deepen, nourish or re-create their relationships, people who are managing other people, people who are looking to be a coach, facilitate, create their own context to coach in, as well as consulting about your brand - whatever level it is or isn’t developed.

All of these packages will have 1:1 time with me, an intimate partnership to create a foundation, or a springboard, into whatever is next for you in this life.

This opportunity is one where you don’t need to figure everything out alone, can be developed as a coach, manager or a facilitator, set your own foundation for your company, be developed to manage people and hold accountability. All, while we are working together to do your work while manifesting.

(limited space available)

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This is a course that will have you walk away with the following:
A curated portfolio/series, an artist statement, bio and resume, a brand for you to create digitally and in print, a deep knowing and raised awareness of YOU and your work, digital homes for your work, social media guidance, goals and integrative steps to move you forward with your artistry.

This course is an opportunity to fully brand, curate and know your message, your voice and yourself as an artist, presented in a series of videos, readings, activities, lessons and opportunities for collaboration.

Each week, a new lecture will be released to you, so that you create all of this within a month, with reasonable work loads. You will have access to your teacher's email: for any additional support, guidance or clarity.

Additional things included in this course, is 3 x 30 minute calls with me. As well as an invitation to a collective of graduates, current students and future students - to collaborate together, share wisdom, have critiques and to support one another.

(Limited availability - so claim your seat now!)

Create your daily practice

This online offering is a collection of videos, readings, activities and experiences for you to create your own daily practice. The purpose of creating this course: is to offer you a mechanism for you to create an intentional practice, to set goals and to move towards them as gracefully as you humanly can.

All in all, this is for you to fully connect to yourself, to learn from the human that you are, to be able to experience life in the present moment, and to be the person you wish to be in this World: no matter how chaotic or graceful life seems.

From creating a daily practice, you will create a deep connection with your body, experience embodiment, be evermore connected to your intuition, gain clarity in your truth / authenticity / desires, transform your relationship with shame / blame / guilt, start to experience your neutral mind, gain the ability to access the source of your personal power, become deeply grounded in your ability to respond, be self generating / self cleaning / self sustaining, move and create intentionally and your level of execution will rise.

Additional offering: A discovery with me to see if you are interested in collaborating in what is next for you.

Stephanie Guttenplan - pookie - women artist coach - women tribe


As a brander, I am able to provide a variety of services to support you in creating tangibility of your brand - online as well as in print. I produce brand books for you to be able to know the ins and outs of your visual brand: from logos, to your color collection and fonts, as well as alternative ways to show your logo, patterns and textures your brand uses. I will work in collaboration with you, so that you know deeply: YOUR brand.

To know the mediums I work with as well as what I am able to produce, please see the other mediums I create with


If you haven’t checked out my galleries below of my own artwork, please feel free to do that. The mediums that I create with include (and are not limited to): photography, video, motion design, digital design, web design, print design, book making, retouching, photo editing, content creation, email marketing, writing as well as a production artist.

If you are drawn to my work, I would love to hear what you would like to create in partnership. With all that I offer, I only take on so many of these projects at a time.