Beetle Queen, From The Deck of Queens

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Beetle Queen, From The Deck of Queens


12” x 15” (Edition of 10) Limited Edition Fine Art giclée print

Beetle Queen, 2019 (From The Deck of Queens)

Protection, Trust, Wisdom

It seems you are working with some power forces. This Queen reveals herself as reassurance that you are in the right place in this moment. Where you are and where you are heading is exactly where you should be. Trust her message, so the worry can fall away and you can listen to your body, mind and spirit.

Take a moment to embody a beetle. Wings protected by your own shell, which is the protection of your heart and your wisdom. Honor your ability to fly with grace, to elevate and transform quickly and efficiently. Your curiosity to see the bigger picture, as you buzz around to see in different perspectives. You are free and trust yourself deeply. As a beetle, you are the essence of the intuitively mindful.

Be careful: outside sources can pull you off your path, manipulation could come and you will feel pulled to not trust yourself. When negative energy arises, this Queen encourages you to embody the beetle: Protected by your grace, guided by your inner wisdom.

This Queen asks: Can you take a moment, to quiet all of the other voices, advice, guidance and mentorship that you have acquired? When you only hear your own wisdom, what does it say?

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*Giclée Print on Matte Fine Art paper. It is acid-free archival paper with a distinct texture and premium coating that meets the requirements of museums and galleries.

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