Queen Astrologer, 2017

Queen Astrologer, 2017


Print - Limited Edition 8" x 10" glicee print

Queen Astrologer, 2017 (Deck of Queen's Series)

"We all witnesses darkness

Leaving us to wonder why that's all we see

Tip-toeing into caves carlessly

Knowing they have no easy way out

As if we are rightfully doomed

Yet, right before we give up,

We re-discover the light in our eyes

When there is no other light to depend on

Leading ourselves to the cracks we failed to see

Blinded by habits and routine until we weren't

To regain sight as if for the first time, 

We see the star's light shining the brightest

As the cracks on these walls we hold onto so tightly

Break wider to collapse" 

- Pookie

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*Glicee Print on Matte Fine Art paper. It is acid-free archival paper with a distinct texture and premium coating that meets the requirements of museums and galleries.

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