The Tower, From The Deck of Queens

Poster mock-up
Poster mock-up

The Tower, From The Deck of Queens


12” x 15” (Edition of 10) Limited Edition Fine Art giclée print

The Tower, 2019 (From The Deck of Queens)

Upheaval, Revelation, Chaos

This Queen is here to warn you: expect the unexpected. It is time for a massive change… one that could feel like destruction. A breaking down of your tower will take place in an event that shakes your bones. It will affect you spiritually, mentally and physically. Change is here to break your foundation down, creating destruction and chaos. 

Trust this Queen: It’s for your Highest Good. It brings clarity, insights and cuts through lies and illusions that are being lived. Truth will come with the breaking down of your tower’s walls. It falls, because your life has been built on an unstable foundation: full of false assumptions, mistruths, illusions, lies and scarcity. Whatever is believed to be true will show it’s real face. 

All that falls does so in order for you to create a new foundation. A new belief system rooted in reality will surface. Let your foundation fall and self-destruct, so that you can rebuild and re-focus. This is all happening FOR you, so don’t be a victim to it. 

With any breakdown comes a breakthrough, and here it will most likely lean towards a spiritual awakening. Connect with your inner guides to support you. Notice the cracks as things begin to break. Rather than fix it, learn from what’s cracking. 

This Queen asks: What would full surrender look like here?  After the destruction, how will your soul be reborn?

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*Giclée Print on Matte Fine Art paper. It is acid-free archival paper with a distinct texture and premium coating that meets the requirements of museums and galleries.

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