Queen of Secrets, 2017

Poster mock-up
Poster mock-up

Queen of Secrets, 2017


Print - Limited Edition 8" x 10" glicee print

Queen of Secrets, 2017 (Deck of Queen's Series)

"When you find someone at last

Whom you can feel your heart breaking open for

To pour out your soul into their heart

Blood starts to boil, and voices shake to stutter to slip to stop

You can be shocked at the words you utter.

For the first time they leave your heart,

They leave your lips rusty, ugly and crooked

Being kept in the smallest of places in your heart.

Those words spoken... regardless of the shallowness in breath

Of the fumble and the mess the tongue makes in it's attempt

As if untying the string around your vocal cords for the first time

Attempting to sing your truth in tune

If you never try, you should know:

The heart of those words contain magic

Without air... They will rot slowly, until unrecognizable

As they sink deeper into deeper into the shadows of your heart

So... To sing or not to sing?” 
- Pookie

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