Water, From The Deck of Queens

Poster mock-up
Poster mock-up

Water, From The Deck of Queens


12” x 15” Limited Edition Fine Art giclée print

Water, 2019 (From The Deck of Queens)

Intuition, Cleanse, Home

This Queen brings you droplets of your essence. Their true home is in the well of your pure heart. There was a time when they slid from your fingertips, for in that moment they felt too hard to hold. You were hurt and your hands couldn’t be steady. 

It is time to find the pieces that have been lost, to return home to yourself. Consolidate the miracle of your life: you have lived and felt deeply. You have a sea within you, able to hold the grandest ships, to withstand the movement of lava below you. You give parts of yourself away, as an act of surrender and trust - knowing that eventually those parts of you will find their way back.

These drops that she returns are yours to claim. Use them for nourishment, to cleanse and to come home to you. Allow the freshness of life to be splashed onto your face. 

This Queen is asking you: What parts of you are you reclaiming? How can you return home today?

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*Giclée Print on Matte Fine Art paper. It is acid-free archival paper with a distinct texture and premium coating that meets the requirements of museums and galleries.

*Certificate of Authenticity included


* Prints sold Unframed

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