Stephanie Rachel Guttenplan - Pookie - Women ARtist Coach

POOKIE: The Artist in me

A closet writer and artist, who's words are partnered with visuals, I set the stage between the mind, body and spirit. I am a mixed media artist who wears the hats of photographer, editor, sketch book filler, distorter and poet. Molding all of these together, I create a stage for a story that is rarely told: The battle of the head and the heart. There has always been an altered middle ground between reality and my own interpretations that has been a beautiful battle in my own life. I find the dark leads to light, that the struggle of moving out of our own way is real, and that I never want to keep searching to elevate myself and others. From this, I find myself creating to be able to visualize the beauty and the beast to provoke viewers to connect with the deepest parts within them. Revealing beauty, divinity and the perfect imperfections of the in-between moments, I choose to illustrate grace.

Pausing reality to distort with the aftermath of our interpretations, I utilize portraiture and symbolism to caress the thoughts of beauty, love and lust that is present in the constant battle of discovering oneself. Having an obsession with the theme of duality, I present the idea that we have choice in every moment: to choose from our head or our hearts. As of recent, I find myself having the urge to push the boundaries of mixed media, distorting pixels to then add the humanity of the pigment world with my fingertips. All in all, I create to reveal the gods and goddesses within us all, that we are perfectly imperfect, and we are at choice to see the World this way too. I create, to show you how beautiful we truly all are.


my bits of Graphic work

As I create my silent relics of wonder, pushing pixels every which way as I let my own breath lead me… I reveal my dreams of Worlds to be created, with infinite space dripped with divine beauty and shadow without shame.




If, in making a portrait, you hope to grasp the interior silence of a muse, you must somehow position the camera between their skin and their bones, while you place the trigger in-between the cage of your ribs. 



Self portraits

My own mystery is the critical element, for my tongue trips over my teeth as I attempt to speak details to you. Instead, let the moments and the innate sensuality that I have learned to express, tell you how this life has made me feel. For, through tremendous suffering, comes incredible joy and love. So this is me and my broken record, the exposé of love and loss.