Stephanie Rachel Guttenplan - Pookie - Women ARtist Coach

POOKIE: The Artist in me

A closet writer and artist, whose words are partnered with visuals, I set the stage between the mind, body and spirit. I am a mixed media artist who wears the hats of photographer, producer, connector, creator, spiritual being, mentor, seeker, illustrator, editor, sketch book filler, distorter and poet. Molding all of these together, I create a stage for a story that is rarely told: The battle of the head and the heart. I find the dark leads to light, that the struggle of moving out of our own way is real, and that I never want to stop searching to elevate myself and others.

I utilize portraiture and symbolism to caress the thoughts of beauty, love and lust that is present in the constant battle of discovering oneself. Having an obsession with the theme of duality, I present the idea that we have choice in every moment: to choose from our head or our hearts. I am here, to visualize both the beauty and the beast within us - for they make up the gods and goddesses we all are. Simply using what I can, to reveal beauty, divinity and the perfect imperfections of the in-between moments… I choose to illustrate grace. I create, to show you how beautiful we truly all are.

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